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When it comes to serious pain, choose one of the most respected and trusted pain relief facilities in the Baton Rouge metro area.

The Spine Diagnostic & Pain Treatment Center offers precise diagnosis, compassionate care, and comprehensive treatment plans for people with painful conditions. Over the years, our pain management specialists have helped thousands of people find lasting relief so they could get back to their active lifestyles. These people include not only the patients of our referring doctors but many of these doctors’ family members, as well.

Pain can be the result of an illness, injury, or even surgery. Regardless of the cause, our goal as interventional pain specialists is to restore your mobility so you can enjoy an active lifestyle, free of pain.

We go beyond your symptoms to identify the underlying cause of your pain and recommend the most appropriate treatment. If you are living with chronic pain, musculoskeletal pain, back pain, or even cancer pain, we may be able to reduce or eliminate your symptoms completely – without surgery.

Learn about some of the many pain conditions we treat.

Spine Pain

Other Types of Pain

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For more information and to schedule an evaluation with a pain doctor, please contact us at the office you’d like to visit.

The Spine Diagnostic & Pain Treatment Center