Cancer Pain

Whether caused by the cancer itself or by treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy, pain is a significant component of daily life for millions of people suffering from cancer. Pain occurs in 30% of all cancer patients, regardless of the stage of the disease, though studies also have shown that 90% of patients with advanced cancer experience severe pain.

Each individual’s experience with pain is different, and the quality of their pain depends on many factors: type of cancer, stage of the disease, and the person’s tolerance level.

Along with chronic cancer pain, people may have acute flare-ups of pain when not all pain is controlled by medication or therapy. Chronic and breakthrough pain can remain problems for cancer survivors even years after their treatment is completed.

While cancer pain can be relieved, surveys have shown that it is often undertreated in many patients and such unrelieved pain adversely impacts quality of life by contributing to depression, anxiety, decreased ability to function, and inactivity-related complications such as deep venous thrombosis and pneumonia.

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