Meet Our Team

The pain management specialists you choose makes a difference.

The Spine Diagnostic & Pain Treatment Center is the largest and one of the most trusted pain relief practices in Louisiana. Doctors trust the advanced training and five decades of combined experience of our pain management specialists.

More than 200 doctors of various specialties – internists, orthopedists, neurologists, and more – refer patients to us. Many other patients seek us out based on the recommendation of family and friends who are satisfied with our care.

Our fellowship-trained, double board-certified anesthesiologists and pain management specialists will spend as much time as necessary to make you feel comfortable. You’ll be greeted warmly, treated with respect, and given answers to your questions in simple, easy-to-understand language.

In addition to experienced pain management specialists, we have an on-site physiatrist highly skilled in performing electrodiagnostic studies to test for nerve damage.

When your doctor refers you to us, he’ll get timely reports and personal updates to make sure he remains a vital part of your care. We will also make ourselves available to your doctor should she ever have questions or wish to discuss a case.

Get to know our provider team below, and contact us to schedule an appointment at one of our six locations.

Our Providers

Our PA'S & MA'S

  • Allison Walker, PA-C

    Allison Walker
    PA-C for Dr. Burdine
  • Brooke Vincent, PA-C

    Brooke Vincent
    PA-C for Dr. Turnipseed
  • Courtney Lemoine, MA

    Courtney Lemoine
    MA for Dr. Braswell
  • Desiree Brumfield, MA

    Desiree Brumfield
    MA for Dr. Jiha
  • Gerry Hunt, MA

    Gerry Hunt
    MA for Dr. Anderson
  • J'Nise Harrell, MA

    J'Nise Harrell
    MA for Brooke Vincent
  • Jasmine Stephens, MA

    Jasmine Stephens
    MA for Dr. Crosby
  • Joy Kelly, MA

    Joy Kelly
    MA for Dr. Stringer
  • Kari Reeves, PA-C

    Kari Reeves
    PA-C for Dr. Graham
  • Kaylie LeBlanc, MA

    Kaylie LeBlanc
    MA for Dr. Burdine
  • Mia Brooks, MA

    Mia Brooks
    MA for Kari Reeves
  • Stephanie Gravois, LPN

    Stephanie Gravois
    LPN for Dr. Graham
  • Tiomoya Tyler, MA

    Tiomoya Tyler
    MA for Allison Walker
  • Veronica Romero, MA

    Veronica Romero
    MA for Dr. Bowers