Therapeutic Injections

The Spine Diagnostic & Pain Treatment Center in Baton Rouge and surrounding areas specializes in all types of treatments for pain, ranging from oral medication to the most advanced interventional procedures. Our pain medicine doctors have achieved the highest level of training, and our experience as a group is unmatched in the area.

The solution for many of our patients starts with a series of therapeutic injections. Epidural injections, joint injections, nerve blocks, PRP injections, and BOTOX injections can provide lasting pain relief. Each injection contains a combination of local anesthetic to numb the area and anti-inflammatory medication to reduce swelling and pain. Your doctor will recommend the most appropriate injection therapy based on the location and severity of your pain.

We offer:

Therapeutic injections are safe enough to be repeated to extend your pain relief for up to a year. Compared to surgery, injection therapy is less risky and less expensive, and there is practically no downtime.

If you are tired of living with pain, or you are looking for an alternative to surgery, please contact one of our offices to schedule a complete evaluation. We will thoroughly investigate the cause of your pain, monitor your body’s response to treatment, and make sure you receive excellent care every step of the way.

We have locations in Baton Rouge, Gonzales, Zachary, and more. To request an appointment call (225) 769-5554 for the location nearest you.

The Spine Diagnostic & Pain Treatment Center